The Zoo – Saturday 11th February 2017

The Aquability Dive Group went on a boat dive to a destination called The Zoo. It is just north of Pt Lonsdale on the wall. Its was actually quite good as a dive for Open Water Divers and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, although there is not really a lot to see. There was supposed to be lots of undercuts and bommies in the area but unfortunately all we saw was Kelp. We missed slack tide and headed into the current for about 15 minutes then turned to run with it and it ended up as a drift dive. This part was fantastic especially when we deployed our SMB’s. The depth of water we dived in was 10 to 12 meters and the visibility was between 5 to 8 meters. Everyone on the boat was chatting away on the way back and then afterwards we went to the Rye Hotel for some refreshments and lunch. All in all it was still a good day.
Hope to see you all on our next adventure!