Ripbank & Scallop Drift - Friday 23rd December 2011

Ripbank & Scallop Drift – Friday 23rd December 2011

Visibility :15m+                        Water Temperature: 21 Degrees

Divers: Keith, Louise, P.P, Vikki

What can I say? Yes, we are at it again doing a sneaky sneakoff dive (or 2) while the rest of the world was super focused on getting organized for Christmas, which we were too in our own crazy way!! The four diving musketeers picked the perfect day to try and ‘hunt & collect’ our Christmas feast, the weather was perfect, fantastic vis, no swell and just the right amount of current for our scallop drift. Numerous times we bragged to each other how good the day was… good that everyone, except me(prior Chrissy
drinks commitment) managed to fit in a 3rd dive for the day. At Ripbank, we all tried our hardest to catch a Cray, but we were unsuccessful.
One diver on the boat , however, was very successful, nabbing himself 3 decent
Crays….one the size of a small child (well, pretty dam big!!). The scallop drift proved to be a great success for all of us. We gathered more than enough to scallops to provide enough delicacies for our extended families on Christmas Day. Yep, we were really popular!! It’s a tough life diving, but someone has to do it…………

Best Fishes to all for a great year diving in 2012