Portsea Hole – Sunday 20th March 2016

Divers:  Vinnie, Anna, Sara, Anita & Mark

Our current indicator was just below the surface, so we knew it was time to get into the water. The viz had not improve a lot since our earlier dive although it was slightly better. Making our way the shot line, we are now in 15meters of water and right on the edge of the wall. Our plan was to dive to 28 meters, so once we are organised, we drop over the wall and drop to our planned depth for a quick look around. Our plan called for this to be a multi level dive so, once we have spent our time at depth, we are soon ascending to the reef that runs along the top of the hole – this is were all the action is at Portsea Hole. The fish life here is amazing, Leather Jackets, Blue Devils, Ornate Cow Fish, Magpie Perch, Old Wives, they’re all here.