Popes Eye – Saturday 25th February 2017

Divers: Alex, Romaan, Antoni, Julian, David, Elie & Peter

The last dive of the course and it was going to be at Pope Eye, the weather had improved a little and the sun made an appearance occasionally. It was a flood tide dive so we were diving the northern side of the eye which is always fun, we dropped over the rocks on the eastern side and descended down to 10 metres they all did their final skill beautifully and then we started our tour of the site. The visibility was an astounding 15 to 20 metres and there was quite a lot of fish life. The good part of the whole dive was even though there was a current it wasn’t very strong and we were able to swim completely around to the western side of the eye and back into the centre where the boat was anchored. Great dive; congratulations to everybody on completing their open water course. Hope to see you diving soon!