Party Point – Sunday 2nd September 2012

Divers – Melissa & Mark
Late Saturday afternoon is a quiet time out the back of Dive Victoria, unlike the early Sunday morning hustle & bustle, the back area was very laid back. The six of us divers all doing the same dive sat around & chatted about the weeks gone past & the different dives we have all done, then when the boat arrived we strolled down to the pier and loaded up for our dive. Some with cameras, some were finishing off courses and others with their 4 tanks were getting in some tank drills. The conditions at the heads had been great all weekend and we certainly did not miss out on the good conditions. The viz was 15 plus and although slack water was short (about 15 minutes) we were there in plenty of time get the start of the slack. We also had a little bit time to sit & watch the seals playing at the surface whilst we waited for the tide. The terrain is quite rugged along this part of the wall, which always makes for an interesting dive and today was no exception.