Party Point – Saturday 14th October 2017

Divers: Scott, Josh, Nic, Mark T, Steve & Mark

I’ve lost count of the amount times local divers have come back from the Great Barrier Reef disappointed with what they got to dive on and what they saw. I don’t doubt that the very best the GBR has to offer is spectacular, however, the average punter is not diving there. For the most part divers are taken to an area of the reef that has been allotted as the area to take the punishment of SCUBA divers destroying it in order to protect the main part of the reef. Lack of buoyancy control and awareness of the damage their fins are doing means needing to minimise the damage by keeping it to the one restricted area – which makes perfect sense – we need to protect the reef. However, this is NOT the case with our Lonsdale Wall, the entire wall is a spectacular dive and it can be enjoyed by divers in its entirety. Lonsdale Wall in it self is resilient and robust, but being a wall divers don’t swim over it per se, but in stead swim along it, therefore minimising the damage of wayward fins etc. Party Point is no exception, although today was a little bit surgy and the viz was down, maybe 8-10m at best, it is still a very impressive dive.