Mornington Pier – Sunday 4th June 2017

Divers: Simon, Giullian, Des, Leo, Tony, George, Adam, Mal, Tim, Spike, Josh & Mark
Surface support: Youri & Ben

We had divers in the water for all sorts of reasons today, some trying out new equipment, some trying out new skills and some just wanting to dive. The viz was good for Mornington, about 6-8 metres. As usual we spent most of our time at 6 metres running through some skills, the other teams were a bit more adventurous and covered the entire jetty. The fish life is really start to come back after the building works and there is always some thing to catch your attention at mornington. the bottles are still turning up, I found another Coke bottle in pristine condition just sitting on the bottom. The time flies by when you are busy and before we know it its time to get out and have lunch.