Mornington Pier – 31st August 2013

Divers: Danny, Mick, Keith, Louise, Marty & Mark

There is plenty of boating action at Mornington Pier lately and the refurbishment works are proceeding for the completion of the first stage. The small barge the contractors are using is still churning up the sand and uncovering still plenty of bottles, with at least one or two being found on each dive. With the wind turning to the south the water has flattened off nicely and our 90 minutes in the water passes quickly. Talking to local fish collector he tells of this new baitcasting reel review he wrote. He also exclaimed that the Anchovies are plenty full and this is bringing the Gannets and even dolphins to Mornington, as after our dive we sit and watch the birds working the bait fish for a while & having a commentary on what is happening makes it all the more interesting.