Milora – 15th January 2012

Divers: Chris Q, Ben, Youri, Push, Chris G & Mark

At 3347 gross tonnes she is the largest of all the Graveyard wrecks, the Milora is also the furtherest to get to. She was a part of the failed Commonwealth Shipping Line and like so many before, the Milora was the victim of a storm in Bass Straight. As we steamed out to the site I was explaining to the boys that along with the Hygia, the Milora is notorious for its bad visibility – how wrong could I be!!  Dropping down the shot line the 20metre viz at the surface only got better the deeper we go, there is quite a bit of penetration to be had on the Milora and we were making the most of the good conditions. Some of the areas are a bit tight and we are all wearing twins or slings but we still managed to get through – back on the boat it was an unanimous decision this is defiantly one of the best dives we have had for quite a while.