Lonsdale Wall & J4 – Sunday 23rd February

Divers: Michael, Kellie, Nick, Dain, Andrew, Neil, Peter, Dizzy, Janos, Brad & Mark

We had planned to dive Capt Nitros Droppoff, but with one thing after another we ended up diving some part of the wall, Iā€™m not sure where. However it was a great part of the wall and when we dropped off the top of the wall to descend down to our planned depth (28m), there were plenty of caves, overhangs, swim throughs and large ledges to swim through. With skills to be completed we don’t have time to spend admiring the scenery, but as we swim we do get a few quick moments to survey the terrain. Unfortunately the viz on the J4 was down to about 1 metre, it was a challenge just to keep the group together so its a bit hard to write about that!!! šŸ™‚