J1 Sub – Sunday 25th November 2015

Divers: Simon, Luke & Mark

Conditions are perfect for diving, fog on the roads on the way down, the sun is just breaking through the clouds, the seas are flat and the viz is 20 plus metres. This is as good as it gets for diving! With the rest of the boat fluffing around trying decide what they would do, we geared up and jumped in first. This allowed us to swim through the sub without seeing another diver in side. We entered the sub at the forward most hatch, swimming first to the torpedo tubes, here we turn around and swim all the way to the crews quarters. All of the subs are fundamentally the same layout inside, as we make our way aft we come across the base for the periscope, just the same as the J4, also the engine mounts are similar to that of the J4. This makes identifying where we are in the sub easier. The J1 has all of the bulk heads still in place and requires a lot more effort to ensure you always know where in the sub you are and where is the closest exit in case of an emergency. Once through the crews quarters we squeeze up and out of the rear most hatch, out side we are now at the stern and we investigate the diving planes and prop shaft brackets. Then its time to ascend, so we make our way to the surface and start to plan our next deep sub dive.