Fawkner – Sunday 6th May 2012

Divers: Chris, Brenden, Ben, Andy, Mick, Danny, Youri, Puspendu & Mark

In the hope that the visibility had cleared up since yesterday, we had a plan to try to locate the remainder of the bow gun mounting. We may have seen it, unfortunately we would not have noticed it if we had, due to the viz.. The Fawkner is the sister ship to the Batman & both were fitted with 6 inch guns and became an auxiliary vessel for the navy during the 1880s. We have already located the gun mounting support on the Batman, but the Fawkner is proving Β to be harder to find. With the conditions the way they are at the moment it will be some time before we get another chance. It was still a great dive and I’m sure the boys will all be keen to get back for another try.