Castle Rock – Saturday 12th March 2016

Divers: Mark, Des, Giullian. Vinnie, Simon, Tim, Liz, Phill, Andrew, June, Mick, Anita, James, Michael, Tom, Leo, Peter, Mark & Ian

We headed out from Portsea on a beautiful day with light winds and only a gentle swell from the sea. On arriving at Castle Rock we noticed that the water was quite clear and upon entering the water we had approximately 10 to 15 metres visibility. On the bottom we had no current to compete with and I found this dive one of the most enjoyable dives over the past many weeks. There were lots of sea life to observe including seeing seven Port Jackson sharks and quite a lot of very friendly cuttlefish and even some very elusive crayfish. You could tell once back on the boat everyone had a great dive as there was lots of chatter and talk about the dive.