Blairgowrie Pier – Saturday 21st June 2014

Divers: Geoff, George & Mark

The westerly wind was just strong enough to make us think about the diving conditions but not strong enough to make us change sites, although there were some smaller waves rolling through, once we were under the water, the conditions were quite good. At the time we entered the water we were the only divers at the site, by the end of dive a few more teams had arrived & were preparing to dive. We swam the full length of the pier & then turned left, along the breakwater. About half way down the breakwater we turned around and started swimming back to our exit point. We had seen a small stingray, some seastars and quite a lot of fish, but the main thing was we were back in the water and getting our skills up to speed. It was a little chilly but very bearable and certainly worth the effort of getting out of bed.