Adieu – Sunday 21st June 2020

Divers: Jim & Mark
Surface support: Justin

In preparation for our MAAV photogrammetry project, a team from the MAAV dived the Adieu today to help determine what work would be required to the site for the project. The site is located appx. 200 metres off the beach at Rye and is well grown over with weed, which will need to be removed to allow the photos to be taken. It is well known that the Eivion is located just east of Rye Pier, lessor known is the Barbara to the west of Rye pier, the Adieu is located appx. 1km west of Rye Pier in appx. 2 metres of water. All three sites are the remains of Port Phillip Bay Lime Traders, Lime Traders have a rich history of plying their trade on the eastern coast of the bay. Hopefully in the coming weeks we will be able to gather enough information/photography to help complete the project.

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